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NEWS Article 1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I run Bug Club on an Ipad?

Flash is by default not supported on Apple computers e.g. Ipads and Bug Club requires Flash to work. To run Bug Club on your Apple device you have to download an app (a browser that supports Flash) for your Apple device. There are a number of apps available via the app store. Some of these offer a free trial period and in case of Puffin, which is also the best choice, you can extend the free period by using other peoples extension codes. You can find these extension codes on the Puffin Browser website or in the app store under reviews for the app. To compare all available options please visit this link.

Once you have downloaded your chosen app, type in to the search bar at the top, then when the Google page has loaded, type Bug Club in to search, click on the page and away you go!

2.  Bug Club is slow on my pc/laptop/netbook?

Some people have found Bug Club very slow in performance which is most likely due to the browser being used.  The Bug Club technical department suggest that Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the best web browsers to use. Both are available as free downloads. If you want to use Explorer then make sure and disable any add-ons that you don’t really need and delete all your temporary files. You can do this under Tools/Internet Options on the Explorer screen.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

3. Why is the program not saving he books we have read?

When you open the book watch out for the Bug Icon on each page.  You have to click on this icon and answer a question before you go to the next page. A completed task is identified by a bug with his eyes closed. The book and the points earned will be saved when all of the tasks have been completed.

4. Why can’t I load any math games?

This feature is not available yet. We’re waiting to see how many use the Bug Club reading program before we decide. Contact us if you have any questions.